If you are interested in finding out more about sponsoring Caroline, please email her team at: sponsorship@carolinelivesey.co.uk


I am sponsored by Orca for both race kit and wetsuits /swim skins. It is a huge honour to be part of such a great triathlon brand which has recently celebrated its 25th birthday. Created by triathletes for triathletes the Orca brand was one of the original, creating one of the first wetsuits specifically for triathlon. That has not stopped them developing though, and a relentless desire to use cutting edge technology means they are always at the front of the race. Used by countless top triathletes I am in good company and I am very happy to be racing in such fantastic kit.
Train Xhale

Xhale is a software developed by triathletes for triathletes with an online training diary and coaching software which is taking the triathlon world by storm. I have to come clean here – I have had a hand in the development of this tool as my husband is the co-founder and visionary behind it. I have been logging my training on there for over 2 years now and I am amazed by how it has developed in that time. It is now without a doubt a critical part of my progression. Xhale has lots of triathlon specific functions which make logging training there not only easy and intuitive – but useful in developing your training programme and tracking improvements. I also use it for my coaching and without it there is no way I could give my athletes the time and attention they deserve and need. It allows daily interaction and session-by-session feedback amongst other brilliant features. I am proud to be a part of Team Xhale – and even more proud to be supporting Mark as he develops this amazing business.


I am delighted to be riding the super-aero Orbea Ordu. Used as the “baseline” for bike aerodynamics in many tests it is hard to beat. It is a beautiful ride which is comfortable even for the 180km of an Ironman. Designed with the athlete in mind it is also really functional with nutrition, hydration and spares all considered. It is also, very importantly, simple to dismantle and put in a bike box. With the amount of travelling it is going to do with me that is a key factor! The Orbea team are fantastically supportive and I am lucky to have their guidance.



Aero…it’s a word that all of us love and hate. So complicated, and yet so simple. Being aero saves you watts. That means all the hours of hard training put in to build muscle to generate those watts is put to best effect.There is no point in training until you bleed and then riding a tricycle with pink spokes and streamers flowing from the handlebars. You get my point. Every little aero advantage is worth having. And as for big advantages…well that is where Parcours come in. I am super excited to be riding their wheels on my SHIV this year, and have already experienced the incredibly smooth rolling ride of the Chrono set. Parcours have two different and very affordable wheel sets (Chrono and Passista), and with a disk coming out soon they will have options available for all race conditions and courses. On top of that with aero-guru Dov Tate in charge at Parcours they also provide brilliant advice and are just generally top people.

Another brilliant British company!

The Primal Pantry

As a longtime sufferer of IBS- I try to eliminate wheat and dairy from my diet as much as possible.  I also get bad reactions from my gut if I pump too much raw sugar into it, so I stick to real foods for the bulk of my racing and training switching to gels only when I have to. Primal Pantry bars fuel me for all my long rides and races. These amazingly tasty bars have 5 ingredients which vary depending on the flavour. Made mostly of dates, nuts and healthy oils like coconut or almond oil – they are the perfect fuel for me. I find these deliver excellent levels of energy whatever I am doing and are easy on the gut. Recently Primal Pantry have also launched a protein bar based on the same recipe base. They taste fantastic and I am excited to use these in training and recovery too. I love being an ambassador for this wonderful British brand.


RAWnola is an addiction of mine. Seriously. It might only be a food – but it is not just any old food! A paleo grain free alternative to granola –this is brilliant fuel for my hungry body. But it is also just incredibly tasty. I literally can’t live without it. I add it to yogurt, porridge, and sometimes just eat it on its own. Seeds, dried fruit and nuts are combined with spices and oils which just make this stuff unimaginably good. They are also fantastic people who share my love of sport – another great British brand.  Ok – enough of my hyperbole. Try it – you won’t be disappointed.


I have been supported by proto-col for a number of years now and I am convinced that their products enable me to train hard and stay healthy. I am a big believer in green magic – without which I am convinced I would never have discovered the solution to my IBS. Its probiotic content is high quality and effective in boosting my recovery and helping me to stave off illness. I also love the protein with collagen – again a fabulous recovery drink which helps support the body in times of stress. The products are also HFL tested and comply with all Informed Sports anti-doping regulations, so I know I can rely on them. The team at proto-col are both knowledgeable and helpful and I am really proud to be part of their team of athletes.

 Brodie Skin Care

Training hard can really take its toll on your skin. The multiple showers, chlorine, exposure to the elements and sweating profusely can all effect the moisture balance of your skin. Brodie Skin Care is a wonderful company which produces natural moisturising creams specifically for use after sport. I have been supported by BSC for many years and I love their products, even more so because they are made in wonderful Yorkshire.

Lee Evans Hypnotherapy

There is so much written about mental strength in the sport of Ironman and endurance racing. It is no secret that the mind can have a huge influence both in training and on race day. Yet, it is all too common for us athletes to spend hours and hours training, worrying about nutrition and sleep, and not thinking at all about training the brain. Many people just hope that they can be “in the zone” on race day, and have no idea what that really means or how to get there themselves. Imagine if you could unlock that power for yourself whenever you wanted. Imagine if that feeling of being “on it” was something that you had on tap.  Well, Lee has that magic. Through nearly 10 years of helping people deal with all sorts of conflict and challenges in their lives Lee has developed a unique insight into the working of the human brain. I can honestly say that working with Lee is a privilege, and each session is a revelation in the workings of the athletes mind. It is hugely exciting to see how this new aspect of my training will influence my races this year.

I am very lucky to have him on my team.